La Porte High School

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Principal's Message

Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome back for what will be a great year. As you begin the 2016-2017 school year, I encourage you to set high expectations for yourself. We here a LPHS have high expectations for you. Together, we can accomplish anything we wish. Make learning your number one priority. You have the opportunity to study and learn together with, what I believe to be, the best faculty and staff in this great state of Texas. It is up to you to use this knowledge to your benefit. Your high school years will be what you make of them. It is proven through research, students who get involved with organizations and activities while in school, do better in school, and have a richer school experience. We have many clubs and organizations that seek your membership. Get involved and make a difference.

As you begin the new school year, celebrate the diversity of our campus and be tolerant of our differences. Our individuality is what makes each one of us unique. We all have to share LPHS hallways. Let's all work to make our campus a great place for all to learn.

Your well-being and academic success is important to all of us at LPHS. Challenge yourself. Set high goals and work hard to achieve them, and most importantly, live the experience.

I welcome your personal thoughts and comments throughout the school year and encourage you to contact me in person at school, by phone at 281 604-7851, or by e-mail at

Have a great year!
Todd Schoppe
Principal LPHS