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Im Cori Stegall and I teach biology here at La Porte High School.  I graduated from La Porte High School and attended college at the University of Houston-clear lake. This year is my 6th year teaching biology.

My educational philosophy is that each student is quite capable of learning, it is my job to deliver the content in a way that all students benefit. I am a strong believer in the three F's : Firm, Fair and Flexible. I understand that each student is unique in the way they retain information. I thoroughly enjoy creating lessons and a classroom environment conducive to learning and enjoying school all while preparing for the students future.

I look forward to creating positive relationships with all of my students this year, ensuring success for all!

Please fill out the Home_Access document and have your student turn it in to the front office, this will allow parents/guardians to view your students grade book at anytime!

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you or your student have any questions:

Cori Stegall



Recent Posts

This week in Biology: 10-5-15

Monday- Macromolecule book project is due
  • Kahoot Review over biomolecules (laptops needed)
  • Students will receive a test review for the biomolecule test on Friday
    • (for a grade)
  • Enzyme notes and animation with questions (laptops needed)
  • CBA- biomolecules (laptops needed)
  • Enzyme reading activity
Wednesday- Avid strategy (student choice) in notebook is due
  • Enzyme review and modeling
Thursday- Test Review is due for a grade
  • Review in class for biomolecule test
Friday- Biomolecule/Enzyme Test (laptops needed)
report cards go home 4th period Friday

** Student holiday Monday 10-12-15**

This week in biology 9/21/15

Monday- succession
Tuesday - succession
Wed- Test Review
Thursday- Ecology Test (extra credit due)
Friday- review test results, introduce biomolecule project

9/14-9/18 Weekly Agenda and Reminders

Monday- 9/14-  Finished Symbiosis, reviewed Ecology
  • Ecology worksheet 1&2 are due Tuesday
Tuesday- 9/15- Carbon cycle & Nitrogen Cycle
  • CBA#3 - Symbiotic Relationships & Cycles in Nature
Wednesday- 9/16- Population Ecology
  • tutorials for students who need to re quiz for CBA #3
Thursday 9/17- Bio magnification ( tutorials today )
Friday 9/18- Notebook Check

Week of 9/8-9/11

Tuesday (9/8) we will review energy in ecosystem and practice in class.  
Wed (9/9) We will begin Energy pyramids
Thursday- Begin Succession
Friday - finish succession
Our Next CBA #2- will be on characteristics of life and levels of organization.
If students score below a 70, they will need to attend Wed tutorials to re-quiz, if students are still unsuccessful they will need to attend Thursday tutorials. If the student passes the wed re-quiz they do not need to attend Thursday tutorials or Friday RTI (response to intervention)
If you have any questions, please email or call!

This week in Biology 8-31-15

We will begin our unit on Ecology this week. 
Monday- Biotic/Abiotic lab using corn seeds
Tuesday- Characteristics of life
Wed- levels of organization with in an ecosystem
Thurs- focus on species, populations, communities in ecology
Friday- energy flow in an ecosystem