Announcement for PAP Geometry

In preparation for my absence as my wife and I enjoy our new baby girl, I have posted your lessons in my calendar on the right side of this page. Please contact me if you have any questions at
I am expecting that you READ and STUDY the pdf versions of the lesson (or view the same material with the added bonus of video links within your student e-book) BEFORE you come to class. During class you can complete the assignments on clever that will be assigned and ask questions of your peers for any of the material you are struggling with. My hope is that we can create a collaborative learning environment where students take responsibility for their own learning. I believe that in doing so students will be forced to fully utilize the resources available (especially those that had been ignored to this point). You all have online access to your text book, tutorial videos, and outside resources such as
I will be gone from January 9th - January 13th. I am excited to see how this goes and believe it's going to be great. Although you won't have direct and guided instruction from me, I'm confident in your ability to explore these three lessons together. Continue to check my page for any announcements I need to make and contact me if you need help.
Mr. Hall