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About Me

Welcome, parents and students!
I’m excited to be joining the team here at La Porte High School and looking forward to a great year making an impact on young peoples’ lives through education. I’ll be teaching English II this year, so I’ll be working primarily with Sophomores. Some background about me is that I’m originally from Houston and have spent most of my life in the Houston/South East Texas area. In fact, my grandmother and her siblings graduated from La Porte in the 1960s and my mother was born in Houston. However, I also love to travel so I’ve been out of the US four times, visiting England, Ireland (2x), and Canada. I graduated with honors from Texas A&M University with a BA in History and a minor in English, earning teaching certification through the Texas Teachers ACP. I’ve always had a strong interest in both English and History, reading vociferously from an early age. I’m enthusiastic about being a teacher here and I look forward this academic year.
If you are a student or parent and want to contact me, feel free to click on the link to the right to send me an email. Class phone number: 281-604-7583. To visit in person, 2nd period is my conference period and tutorials are Wednesdays and Thursdays, 2:45-3:45pm.

Recent Posts

Course update

Good afternoon,
Report cards for the 2nd 6-weeks will go out tomorrow during 4th period.
This week we began the new unit on Drama - we are using the play, 12 Angry Men to gain a better understanding of the various aspects of Drama for this unit. This will include reading and discussing the play, with students assigned to read lines for each part, and connections to other articles and poems for further analysis and discussion. This part of the unit will bring us to the Thanksgiving Break (Nov 21-25).
When we return from the break, we will review the play and do some more connection/exploration activities dealing with the themes, motifs, and cultural aspects of the play. On December 2nd, we will write an essay in class on that topic.
The following week (Dec 5-9), we will wrap up the unit and take a unit exam, then begin reviewing for the semester exam the subsequent week. Winter break follows, beginning on December 16 with early release.
Warm Regards,
Matthew Henry

Persuasive Essay on Wednesday, Oct. 12

Hello everyone,
Just a heads up that we will be producing another persuasive essay in class which will count as a major grade for the 2nd six weeks. We will brainstorm and outline together as a class tomorrow, Tuesday, then students will independently write the essay in class on Wednesday and/or Thursday this week. That will conclude our work on our first documentary, "Waiting for Superman."
We will then begin our next documentary, "Serving Life" which will be conducted in the same way: topic introduction, viewing with discussion, then related reading and discussion, concluding with another essay in class a few weeks from now. This should all give us a better understanding of the persuasive task, especially when it comes to bias, perspective, and rhetorical techniques.
Happy Columbus Day,
Matthew Henry

Test on Wednesday, 9/28/16

The end of the six weeks grading period is next Friday, September 30, so that means we are finishing up our first unit (World Literature) and having a test next Wednesday, September 28.
This also means that all make-up work must be submitted no later than next Friday (during school hours) in order to earn credit.
Report cards will go out the following week on October 7.
Our next unit will be on Documentaries and persuasive writing.
Matthew L. Henry

Test grade this week and other news

Students will be writing a persuasive essay in class, similar to the format for the STAAR, which will count as a test grade. Attendance this week is therefore extremely critical.
All make-up work or missing assignments should be turned in by the end of the week, as the cut off for grades for the progress report is on Friday. The progress report will be sent out the following week.

District Dress Code and Discipline Updates

IDs: Students will not be allowed to enter the classroom without their ID displayed properly in accordance with LPISD policies. IDs must be worn and clearly visible, not attached to their backpack. Failure to comply after 1st period will result in a 2-hour administrative D-hall.

Hats must not be worn and will be taken up otherwise. Refusal to comply will result in School Suspension. At first violation, the student may retrieve the hat at the end of the day. Subsequent violations will require a parent to come pick it up.

Electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, earbuds, etc.) must not be visible in the classroom at any time otherwise they will be taken up. Refusal to comply will result in School Suspension. (Note that opportunity to use appropriate instructional technology will be given to students as needed during class)

Dress Code: Students will not be allowed to enter the classroom if they are out of dress code as described in district policies. First offense will be SAC and “Overnight Suspension”; subsequent violations will result in suspensions.

Tardies: 3rd tardy results in a parent phone call; 4th is 30-minute D-hall served with the Teacher plus completion of ISSP form. 5th-7th will result in 2-hour Administrative D-hall; 8th-10th will result in SAC.

Late work: In accordance with LPISD policies regarding late work, work turned in after the due date will be accepted but the total percentage of credit available to be awarded will be decreased:

Days Late


Maximum Percent of Grade

Received by Student


1 Day



2 Days




3 or more Days




This is meant to encourage students to complete work even if it is past the due date. However, work turned in late will automatically be deducted points based on how far past the due date it is turned in. So if a student turns in a paper one day late, even if it would otherwise earn 100%, they would only be awarded 85%, and so on.