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ACT Prep Course
 This is a collection of ACT review tutorials and free practice questions. It has over 5 hours of free ACT tutorials. Best ACT Prep Course by the Mometrix Academy



SAT, ACT and GRE Test Rrep Guides instantly accessible through "CHEGG TEST PREP."Go to:

SAT Test Prep:

ACT Test Prep:




Register for the SAT at Cost $45 WITHOUT ESSAY PORTION, $57 WITH ESSAY (Fee waiver applies if applicable, ask your Counselor if you are eligible)
Photo I.D. required to register and must be shown at test site!
(School Code-444025)
ACT Registration & Test Dates (School Code-444025)
Register at
Sign up for ACT WITHOUT WRITING PORTION $42.50, ACT WITH WRITING PORTION $58.50 (Fee waiver applies where applicable, ask your Counselor)

This site has a nice review for the ACT test and has a bunch of free practice questions and tutorials..
ATHLETES: REGISTER @ Cost $70.00 (School Code 444025)
(Fee waiver applies where applicable, Talk to Associate Principal, Dr. Mitchell to see if you are eligible)
Note: Credit recovery and correspondence courses do not count for NCAA core!
Give a copy to the school registrar!
If you have failed a class or if you fail a class in the fall (which you should not) you need to register for credit recovery with your Counselor right away. The cost is $70.00 per class and it takes place after school.
If you have failed any portion of the STAAR/EOC, re-testing will take place in December, the spring semester, and July of each year.
REGISTRAR –Mrs. Carter 281-604-7515
Things to request from the Registrar:
Official and unofficial transcripts, transcripts sent to colleges and universities, and  class rank and G.P.A.
HELPFUL WEBSITES Application for All Texas Public Colleges and Universities Federal Financial Aid Website Grant and Scholarship Information Scholarship Information campus-La Porte HS-Counselor Corner- Gina Brunson-281-604-7717
Kaplan TRAINING information for SAT
The Kaplan Team
1-800-KAP-TEST (527-8378)



LAST CHANCE: Free SAT and ACT Crams online:  Kaplan Test Prep is providing free cram sessions for the SAT and ACT. Students who attend will learn their 10 Top Score-Raising Strategies and review tips for time management during the test.  For complete dates and times and to register, go to

FREE Practice SAT/ACT test at Sylvan Learning Center of Baytown!!  Call 281-421-4169 for an appointment today. 
FREE PRACTICE TESTS on the website KhanAcademy
College Board, Khan App Helps Students Prepare for New SAT
The Daily Practice for the New SAT app, a joint effort by the College Board and Khan Academy, offers kids with smartphones a free SAT prep option.

Juniors! Need help on the Spring #SAT & #ACT? Kaplan will host FREE online cram sessions! Sign up @

SAT Apps: An Overview

As mobile apps have become more popular, the College Board, SAT prep companies, educational app companies, and individuals have created their own apps to help students prepare for the SAT. Those who have created the apps are trying to capitalize on the popularity of mobile apps, and they want to make SAT prep material more accessible for students.

If you have an SAT prep app on your phone or tablet, you can conveniently do some SAT studying wherever you’re at, whether you’re at home, school, or a boring family function.  Also, studying on an app is more enjoyable and interactive for some students than using a traditional SAT prep book.

Most SAT prep apps are free, but there are some that cost money to purchase.


Why SAT Prep Apps Are Not Enough

SAT apps can be a good study tool, but you probably won’t be able to solely rely on them to reach your target score. You should check out our articles on how to get a perfect score on the SAT and the best ways to study for the SAT.

Most of the apps don't have adequate practice questions. There are either too few of them, or they're not representative of the questions you'll get on the SAT. You may need more real SAT questions or realistic practice questions to sufficiently drill your knowledge and improve your content weaknesses.

Also, the apps don’t teach you SAT test-taking strategies that can help you. Most don’t cover test-taking strategies like how to read the SAT Reading and Writing passages.

Additionally, the majority aren’t customized to your skill level. To improve your SAT score, you need to focus your time on improving your weaknesses. You may need to get better with your time management on the Reading section. Or you may need help with linear equations.

Generally, these apps aren’t effective at determining where you’re weak, and they’re not designed to help you focus on the areas in which your skills need to improve.