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Welcome to Class Site. I will update this site with materials from the course. Check for extra copies of assignments and reminders about important dates. From now on, all AP English Language and Pre-AP English I assignments will be posted on separate pages. Click the link on the right to navigate to the appropriate page.

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Pre-AP English I

Friday 4/20 and Monday 4/23: Complete the mini-research assignment posted in the Teams App.
Monday: Read "Night" through chapter 2.

AP Language

Friday: Complete and submit your outline and annotated Works Cited to the Teams App.
Monday 4/23: Continue working on research (your paper is due May 2) or read "Brave New World" (You should be finished with the book by May 7.
Tuesday: 4/24: SAT School day. Continue working on research or read "Brave New World."
Use your time wisely. I'll see you on Wednesday!

English I Pre-AP Assignment

In the Teams app, you will find 4 questions related to the beginning of Night. Answer them thoroughly in a word document. Make sure you submit them through the Teams app before midnight tonight. 
Make sure you have read the prologue, Chapters 1 and 2 of Night before Thursday (to page 23). 
Read the foreword if you would like, but feel free to skip it if not. 
I'm looking forward to talking about the book on Thursday. Be good!