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I am looking forward to having a great school year.  Here is some information that will help your student be the most successful this year:

 Coach Leth’s Fact Sheet

Here are some pointers for having the best year ever in a math class!!!!

1. Bring your supplies to class every day.

2. Show an appropriate amount of work in an orderly manner, in pencil to get credit on any assignment or test.

3. You are required to have a notebook for class.

4. Missed work policy:

a. When you must miss class, you are responsible for finding out what work you missed: Warm-ups, notes, homework, tests.
b. If you will be out of class for a student activity, be sure to let Coach Leth know before the absence and ask for the assignments. If a test is scheduled that day, ask if you might be able to take it before the activity (while the material is still fresh in your mind) to avoid having to take a make-up test several days after you learned it.
c. Make-ups will be in room 110 on Wednesday or Thursday afterschool. Sign-up for make-ups prior to coming in. If you are tardy to make-ups, you won’t get any extra time to finish.
d. If other arrangements need to be made for times to make-up the test, consult with your teacher.

5. Need extra help? Coach Leth is available Wednesday, and Thursday afterschool in room 110.

6. Here is how your six-week grades will be determined:

Daily work and Quizzes: 50%, Tests and Projects: 40%, Writing: 10%

7. Teachers have individual voice mail, and parents should not hesitate to use it. Coach Leth’s extension is 7585. Also his conference period is 4th period.  Or you can email me at