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Welcome to La Porte High School Tennis - Home of the Bulldogs! 

Head Tennis Coach  
Matthew Hausler 
Assistant Tennis Coach
Johnna Johnston
Thank you to all of our fabulous sponsors and booster club members! You are Incredible!
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We are currently in Spring 2018 Season.  Please visit Rank One for schedules. 
Times of practices and the fall schedule are now on Rank One Sport  
Please, refer to Rank One Sport for any questions on locations, times, or practices. This website will be updated with any changes. 
If a parent did not attend any parent meeting, please read the Parent Meeting Power Point Presentation and sign the acknowledgment form.  This signed form needs to be returned to Coach Johnston.
Freshman, JV, and Varsity Practices
After school practices are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays are tutorials. Athletes must be prepared with practice wear, tennis shoes, socks, and a racquet. Practice is over at 4:00. 
***All students must be picked up or have a ride when practice is over (no later than 4:15). La Porte ISD policy does not allow ANY student to remain on campus after practice.
New Students to La Porte
If a student is  planning to tryout, the student must have a completed 2017-18 physical before the athlete can attend tryouts.  There are no exceptions and this is a district policy.  Physicals can be brought to the coaches on the day of tryouts.  Please, go by athletic office, located at the La Porte HIgh School field house, for the orange 2017-18 physical form to be completed by the student athlete's doctor.
For further questions regarding tryouts or physicals, please email Coach Hausler or Coach Johnston.  
No Practice, No Play!
Missing Practice: 
1.    All players who are absent must email by 12:00 p.m. noon.  Failure to do so will constitute conditioning the next day back and possibly missing the next scheduled match (at coach's discretion).
2.   A Doctor’s note or voice mail from parent will excuse missing practice. 
Unprepared for Practice: (No clothes, racquet, shoes, cell phones on court, etc.)
1.    Will be have after practice conditioning
2.    Points deducted from grade.
3.    Possibly pulled from lineup (at coach's discretion)

Late For Practice
Stay after practice for conditioning.  (*Email from teacher, counselor, principal will excuse being late)
Challenge Matches

Challenge matches will be one way of  determining the line-up in both the fall and spring semesters.  Challenges will be on a weekly basis (unless otherwise specified by the coach).  On a given week, players holding an even number position will challenge up and players holding an odd # position will receive a challenge.  These roles will be reversed the following week (odd # up and even # receive a challenge).  If a player continued to win their challenge matches week by week, he or she would continue to move up without having to defend their position.

Other determining factors, affecting playing position, fall under the umbrella of coaches’ discretion.  Attitude (in & out of classroom), grades, preparedness for class, work ethic, and sportsmanship will be other areas of consideration. 

The formation of doubles teams will be solely the coach's decision. The coaches will assess each player’s doubles skills and make the appropriate teams based on this assessment. 
Texting or Remind 101 communication will occur only when necessary in regards to athletic/academic information.  Example:  Checking whether players are done at a particular site during tournament play and changes in practice/match schedules. Email for Remind 101 information.
Tournament Days
Athletes need to hydrate, starting the day before, during the hot months. Nourishment is necessary. Have students bring extra food besides simply their lunch. Energy is needed to play the sport. Athletes must be prepared with correct tournament wear, tennis shoes, socks, racquet(s), their tennis bag filled with snacks, towel, large water bottles, and other necessary belongings for a successful match.  
***All students must be picked up or have a ride when the match/tournament is finished (within 10 minutes: at home or when the bus arrives for away matches). Stay in touch with your student.  La Porte ISD policy does not allow ANY student to remain on campus after practice or after match/tournament play.
USTA Information to play in Texas Junior Tournaments
All participants must register through USTA to play in sanctioned events.  The registration link is:
To register for tournament play.  Please follow these link for list of tournaments.  A player must qualify through the challenger, once qualified through challenger series player will move into champ division, after qualifying out of champ division a player moves into super champ division. Please, make sure player is registered in correct division. Also, there are area tournaments that do not require qualification status; however, the player will play all levels of play.  Be sure to click the correct region which is Texas.  The link to register is:
For more information visit:
Program Needs 
The tennis program is very grateful for the donations received. The current needs for the 2017-18 year include:
Tournament Meals
Year End Banquet - includes monetary donations, banquet organizers and decoration committee
Video Camera
Shade for stands - a committee is needed for donations and organization. 
Coaching Seminar - Tennis coaching seminars are not covered by the district and are very important for advancing new initiatives in the tennis program.