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A Message From the Principal

Dear Students and Parents:

I am absolutely delighted to extend a warm welcome to all of you as we embark on a new academic year together! As your principal, I am honored to have the opportunity to guide and support our students in this exciting journey of high school education.

High school is a pivotal time in the lives of students, filled with possibilities, growth, and countless opportunities for personal and academic development. La Porte High School is dedicated to providing an environment that nurtures each student’s unique talents, fosters critical thinking, and encourages all of our students to explore their passions.

With a team of exceptional educators, staff members, and support systems in place, LPHS is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space where all students can thrive. We believe in the power of education to shape not only academic success but also character, values, and aspirations.

As you navigate through this website, you will discover a treasure trove of information about our high school's programs, activities, and events. From rigorous academic courses to a wide range of extracurricular opportunities, we strive to provide a holistic education that prepares you for the challenges and triumphs of the future.

Moreover, this website serves as a platform for us to celebrate the achievements and milestones of our students. We take great pride in the accomplishments of our students, both inside and outside the classroom, and we are excited to share these moments with the entire school community.

Remember, high school is not just about academics; it is about discovering one’s passions, building lifelong friendships, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our dedicated teachers and staff are here to guide and support students every step of the way, ensuring that their high school experience is enriching, fulfilling, and memorable.

I encourage you to explore this website, engage with its resources, and become an active part of our high school community. Together, let us create an environment that values collaboration, respect, and personal growth.

Thank you for choosing La Porte High School as your educational home. I am confident that, together, we will make this academic year a resounding success!

Warm regards,

Carlin D. Grammer 
Principal, La Porte High School