Character Education

September: RESPECT

"Respect is something we all want, so one way of showing respect for

yourself is to work hard to achieve success in school."

"Show respect for yourself by setting goals and working hard toward making them come true."

"Show respect for yourself by not allowing other people's negative comments or actions influence your belief in yourself."

"Showing respect for others means actively listening without interrupting."


“Responsibility means following through on your promises and commitments.”

“Following school rules is a way of showing responsibility.”

November: CARING

”Caring means trying to understand someone by putting yourself in their shoes.”

“Caring means being respectful of other people’s feelings.”

“Caring means to share and help others that are in need.”


"Be nice and say thank you when you receive a gift you do not like.  It's the thought that counts."

“A caring person gives to charity by giving their time, money, support and comfort to others just to make someone else’s life better.”

“Giving of your time, money or compassion to someone in need can open your mind to understand what it is to go without things.”


“People that are trustworthy will ask for permission before taking things that aren’t theirs.”

“Being Trustworthy means that your friends know they can tell you anything without you telling other people.”

 “Being Trustworthy means you’ll follow through with what you say even if something better comes along.”

February:  FAIRNESS

“When you meet someone you dislike, give them a second chance because your first impression is not always your true self.”

"Show fairness by considering both sides of a difficult situation."

“Showing Fairness as part of your character means following the rules and taking turns.”


"To have self-discipline means to do healthy things for your body and get rid of habits that don't help you."

"Each day take one step (no matter how small) toward a goal."


"A person who shows good citizenship does his/her share, helps the community, plays by the rules and respects authority and laws."

"Use Good Citizenship "Digitally" by respecting others on-line.  Pause and think about how your posts or comments will effect others, as well as, how they will make others think of you."


"Perseverance means to never give up on your goal even when things are going wrong."