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CTE Pathways and Endorsements

Pathways ensure that students are prepared for success in college and careers in higher wage, in-demand fields. Pathways provide a framework that local education agencies (LEAs) can use to work with post secondary institutions, businesses, and industries to better understand the knowledge and resources needed to prepare students for life after high school. Pathways are not an add-on program or new reform, but are designed to work within current systems, structures, and budgets. They are a strategy for aligning and leveraging existing programs, including the Foundation High School Program.

College and career pathways are a key strategy for schools and districts to prepare all students to succeed after high school and expand the education and employment options available to Texas students. Students in pathways take academically rigorous classes, explore a range of occupations, identify professional interests, build valuable skills, and feel empowered to make informed decisions about their education and future careers.

Core Elements of Pathways
The following core elements have been identified as key to successful implementation of local, regional and statewide pathways in Texas:
  • Alignment with labor-market demand
  • Integration of rigorous core academics and career-focused learning
  • College and career information and advising
  • Links between secondary and post secondary education
  • Credentials with value in the labor market
  • Continuum of work-based learning experiences
  • Cross-sector partnerships
Pathways Resources
The following pathways programs and initiatives move Texas forward in realizing the vision of Texas College and Career Pathways. The agency supports initiatives aligned with the core elements of Texas Pathways. Follow the links below to visit to the corresponding sections on this page.

LPHS CTE Pathways